Backing up Cell Phone Pictures

A customer had asked me if I could take all her photos and video off of her cell phone.  Her request made me think of something that just had happened to me.

The other morning my Samsung S5 required an update.  I promptly hit yes to update.  After I had updated it,  all my pictures had disappeared!  Panicked?  For a brief moment, but then I remembered that I had an automatic online photo backup app.

I actually surprised myself in that I did this.  Most of the time, I am not this organized!

I had tried the Google app back up service but it didn’t seem all that user friendly.  When I backed up my photos,  a bunch of my pictures were live on my Google account for anyone to see.  I couldn’t figure out the privacy settings.  I am not sure what happened and it seemed to complicated so I switched to Amazon.

Since I am an Amazon Prime member they offer an unlimited photo back free.  The app also includes 5G of video storage.  (That equals about 5 hours)  What is nice about the service is the new pictures automatically update once you get wi-fi.  So you don’t need to worry or even think about it.  Amazon also allows you to download photos from your computer too.  And visa versa you can upload your photos to your computer so you can print them or do whatever you would like to them.

I should mention you can get unlimited video storage for $59.95 per year at the time of this writing.  I should also mention that I am not endorsing Amazon.  There are many good online storage apps available.  Amazon is the one I have the experience with.

For those who don’t have a smart phone, there are other options.  Many phones have a mini SD card slot.  There is usually an option on the phone to transfer all the photos off of the phone onto the SD card.  From there you can plug your SD card into your computer and save it on line or on your computer.  For those who have kept the USB connectors you can simply plug in the connector into your phone, into your computer and click and drag. However, how many of us actually have that plug or know where it is?

Call me old fashion, but I still back up my pictures onto a hard drive also.  I know the internet is here to stay but could Amazon have a data problem someday?  Will Amazon be around in 20 years?  What happens then?

I transferred all my customers photos and video.  To transfer it, it took over 5 hours for the phone to process all the files.  She had over 3 hours of video and 2,000 pictures.  Her phone though was very old and slow.  I am happy to give her a disk, clearly labeled that she will be able to share with her family in many years to come.  Don’t worry,  I will recommend to her to get a back up service on her new phone!

If you need help transferring your pictures from your phone to digital, please Contact Us


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Linda O'Connell is the owner of Take 5 Productions in Onalaska, WI. Take 5 transfers home movies,slides and pictures to DVD and digital files, creates video slideshows and produces business videos. She can be reached at or
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