10 Tips for Choosing a Slide Scanner Service

Slides Carrosuel

It is hard to believe that slides were all the rage in the 1970’s.  Families would take a picture, send it in for developing and weeks later were sent back slides.  The family gathered around,  while usually Dad, wrestled with the screen, set up the slide projector and began the “slideshow.”  Now instead of boxes of slides, burnt out bulbs and wobbly screens, families can insert a DVD and hit play.  Life doesn’t get much better.  However, the process of getting your slides scanned can be daunting. It is important that when choosing a company to scan those precious memories,  families keep these 10 tips in mind.

  1.  Does the company you chose clean your slides before they scan them?  Take 5 Productions cleans all slides with a film safe cleaner and a lint free cloth.  Some companies use “anti dust” software also known as Digital ICE (Image Correction Enhancement) when transferring. What that does in essence is blur the photo so the dust doesn’t show up. So since it is blurred you can get a somewhat distorted photo.SlidesCleaning
  2. Will they make sure your pictures are not backwards or upside down?  Slides can easily be mixed up and reversed.  Take 5 makes sure all your slides are rotated the correct way.  There is no need to fix them later.

    Which way is the correct way?


  3. What is the DPI/resolution they are using?  Take 5 scans slides at 4800 dpi.  This allows you to print them out, if you wish, up to a 16×20″poster!
  4. Do they offer any type of retouching service?  We retouch your slides for free! You can see below the difference in a simply retouch used on Photoshop.  The retouch is included in the price.  (Please don’t confuse this with photo restoration.  If a photo is torn, really faded we can restore it but it is an extra charge.)

    Before Photo Retouch                        After- Removes the pink tint

  5. What type of label do they use?  Are they even going to ask you what you would like for a label/title?  We provide a picture CD with a nice imprinted label on it.  You can share your images with family on Facebook or email.  We can also make extra copies of the picture CD for you to share with your family.


    All orders include an imprinted label of your choice and a case.

  6. What extras are available?  Take 5 Productions can also offer a video slideshow made from your slides. This turns your slides into a movie that includes a title and background music.  You can play this on a DVD player or a computer with a DVD slot.  For the real tech people, we can make an MP4 file for you to use.
  7. What size slides will they transfer and is there a minimum?  We will take any size order. Whether it’s one slide or 1,000 slides!  We transfer any size slide, whether it’s 110 slides or 35 mm slides.
    Slides Sizes B

    We can transfer any type of slide.


  8. Would you like to sort through your slides before you transfer them?  Take 5 offers rentals of slide projectors.
  9. Do you have to take your slides out of the carousel and box them up?  We will accept slides in anything! We have had slides in the original carousels, in boxes and even in silverware trays.   No need to repackage them.
    Slides Silverwear

    Boxes, shoe boxes, bags even silver wear trays.  You can bring in your slides which ever way is the easiest for you.


  10. Finally, where are your slides going?  Who is taking care of them?  All of your slides stay local in Onalaska, Wisconsin and you will meet the person who will be scanning your slides. There is a comfort level in leaving your memories with a person you can meet face to face.  There isn’t any chance of your slides being lost or damaged in the mail.   For more information about slide scanning, please contact Linda O’Connell at 608-790-3608 or linda@take5productions.net or visit Slide Information

About take5productions

Linda O'Connell is the owner of Take 5 Productions www.take5productions.net in Onalaska, WI. Take 5 transfers home movies,slides and pictures to DVD and digital files, creates video slideshows and produces business videos. She can be reached at linda@take5productions.net or www.take5productions.net
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