Digital or DVD?

Frequently I have been asked about the difference between having home movies converted to DVD vs Digital files. There are benefits and drawbacks to both.
Finalized and can’t be erased
Clearly marked in a case so they won’t be easily lost
Easy for less computer sauve consumers to use
Quality on a DVD is slightly better than digital
DVD can be used on both a DVD player and a computer that has a DVD slot.
Harder to share and copy than digital
Less computers have DVD slots now

DIGITAL FILES (usually MP4 files)
Easy to share from one computer to another
Can be stored in the cloud. (But be careful about “free” storage offers..usually it only covers about one hour of video)
Can be played on some smart TVs
Usually younger people are more in tuned to digital files.
Quality isn’t as good as a DVD
Flash drives can easily be erased. I always worry when I hand someone a flash drive that their kid will need one for school, find it and erase everything on it!

Although the majority of Take 5 customers still prefer to receive their photos and videos on a DVD, (85%)  I am noticing an increasing number of people who are requesting Digital files in lieu of a DVD.  Not sure what to do? We can do both! Get the best of both worlds. And if you have DVDs I have done for you previously, I can convert those too.
Linda O’Connell is the owner of Take 5 Productions in Onalaska, WI. She specializes in transferring all types of old home movies, pictures and slides to both DVD and Digital.


About take5productions

Linda O'Connell is the owner of Take 5 Productions in Onalaska, WI. Take 5 transfers home movies,slides and pictures to DVD and digital files, creates video slideshows and produces business videos. She can be reached at or
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2 Responses to Digital or DVD?

  1. Debra Bassett says:

    Hi Linda! I have a TON of old pictures, and I am wondering what your rates are for both DVD and digital transfer!

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