How to Pick Out a Home Movie Transfer Company

There seems to be a lot of companies around now that are offering inexpensive movie transfers.  But all are not equal.  Keep these tips in mind for picking out a movie tape transfer company.  These are the questions to ask.  This is why I believe a company like ours, Take 5 Productions is the one to chose.

  1. What types of tapes will they transfer?  At Take 5, we transfer all consumer tapes.  This includes:  VHS, VHS-C, Beta, Hi 8, Digital 8, Camcorder Tapes & Mini DVD.  We also convert iPads, SD Cards & Cell Phone Pictures & Video.
  2. Does the transfer company edit out any TV?  At Take 5, we edit out all TV at the beginning or end of a tape at no additional charge.
  3. If your tape turns out to be all TV or Blank or unusable, do they charge you for it?  We will go through your tapes.  If they are blank or all TV we do not charge you anything for it.

    VHS Tapes

    We go through your tapes to make sure they aren’t blank or all TV

  4. Do they fix broken tapes?  We do.  It is $15 extra.

    Broken VHS Tape

    We fix broken tapes

  5. When you tape ends, does your DVD or Digital File ends? Or does it keep running with nothing on it? For example your tape may have 1 hr 35 minutes.  A DVD holds 2 hours. Many companies will continue on recording so you end up with a bunch of blank spots on your DVD or Digital File.  Take 5 stops the recording at the end of the movie.  You will not end up with blank spots on your DVDs.
  6. Will they combine tapes onto DVDs or give you a separate DVD for each tape?  We will which takes up less space for you and is easier to watch.  (But if you want them separate, we will do that also)
  7. What type of label will you have on your DVD? Magic markers or sticky labels?  Take 5 uses a imprinted DVD.  Your title is imprinted directly on the DVD.  No sticky labels here. 

    DVD Family Memories

    Labels are imprinted directly on the DVD, Not with sticky labels.

  8. Do they put any chapter markers so you can easily skip ahead?  We set up your DVD so you can hit the “skip or next” button and it will go ahead 10 minutes. Also each tape will be a separate option on the menu. 
  9. What type of case will you have? We provide you will a nice looking, compact case. Our cases can hold up to eight DVDs for easy storage.

    dvd casese

    We provide cases for your DVDS.

  10. What is the quality of the DVD?  Not all DVDs are the same. Our DVDs are compatible with all DVD players and professional quality.

    20171108_083049 (1)

    We use professional quality DVDs.

  11. What are the extra costs? With Take 5, there are no hidden costs. No extra costs to put them onto a DVD. No monthly subscription costs.
  12. Do you have the option of DVD and Digital? We have the option for just DVD or Digital or Both!

    flash drive

    MP4 files on flash drives is another option.

  13. Can you store your files online with the service you chose? If you chose the digital file option, you can store them online. We provide the files and you store them with the service you are most comfortable with.  You won’t have monthly fees with us. (You can also have a safe copy at home too)
  14. How long have they been in business? We have been in business since 2007.
  15. Who is taking care of your movies?  If you are local you will meet the person transferring your movies!


    Linda O’Connell is the one who will take care of your movies.


About take5productions

Linda O'Connell is the owner of Take 5 Productions in Onalaska, WI. Take 5 transfers home movies,slides and pictures to DVD and digital files, creates video slideshows and produces business videos. She can be reached at or
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