Fun with Photos


Like many others, I too have a storage box of old photo albums.  They were stored in my basement with a box labeled “Photos and Letters”


This is a glimpse into the mess I was dealing with. 

There were two albums my Mom had made for each one of my siblings in the 80’s.  She had divided up the family photos and gave each one of us our own album.


There were also photos I had taken once I got my own 35mm camera in 1984.  That camera by the way is still in the basement too.    I was clearly a photo “guru” at that time and experimented with filters and other special effects.



The albums were a mess.  Once in a while I would rummage through them, take out a photo to share on Facebook and throw the photo back in the box.

Last weekend I was on a cleaning mission.  I was determined to get the photos organized.

I reread my own “How to Organize Your Photos for Scanning” blog and decided I should be taking my own advice.  I scan photos for a living; shouldn’t I have done this years ago?

Organizing was actually not that bad.  Most of the albums were in order anyway.  I could pretty easily figure out where the loose ones went.  After I organized, I scanned them all and put them on a disk.

box of photos

Photos ready to scan

But before I deleted them from my computer, I had some fun.  I picked out about 10 photos of my siblings, my cousins and old neighbors and put them on Facebook.  What a response!  I really feel like I made people smile and got a ton of comments on reminiscing.  “Remember when..”

Getting that project done made me happy and made my family smile.

Old Photo

But I cannot tell you what a relief it was to get this project done.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off me.  Every time I went in the basement I felt guilt about them sitting there and me not preserving them.    Over the years, the box got moved from here to there.  Now it’s an empty box.  It has relieved a huge burden.  I got a task done that I have been putting off for years.  Now on to that box labeled “Taxes & Receipts” .

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